Vigeo Protect.

    We are Vigeo.

    VIGEO. Latin for flourish, we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to lead productive, happy, and healthy lives.

    We are here to protect your most valuable possessiopns; your family, your business, your property, your assets, and you.

    & Government Services

    As a business professional or government official, you don’t have time to worry about your security and safety. Here at Vigeo, we take care of your security by making it our number one priority. We understand you have an image to uphold so we’re here to be the security team you don’t even realize has your six.


    You’ve spent a lifetime building a legacy for your business and family. . We treat your property as our own, leveraging cutting-edge technology, in-depth planning, and response teams to give you the protection you need.

    & Transportation

    Shipping and managing high-profile and valuable assets in an increasingly dangerous world can leave the best of us ill at ease. At Vigeo, our experience in procurement and supply chain, coupled with countless years in security, gives us the ability to provide asset protection with a business perspective.


    When it comes to security, our clients must be as aware of their surroundings as we are. That’s why we provide world-class training to give our clients the best security experience while they’re in our hands.


    We understand that today’s world is more complex with data, information, and protecting our businesses and families on the web. Our team of highly trained professionals consult and manage your data and systems to ensure unwanted parties do not have access to your precious data.


    Traveling with your family is stressful enough - adding to this stress with uncertainty about safety and navigating unfamiliar territory can put a damper on your vacation plans. We work closely with Aspen, Vail, and other mountain communities to provide secure transportation services to and from private and public airports so that you can rest at peace knowing you and your family are in good hands.